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Yan Wang
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Peng Zhou
Co-founder & Chief Scientist
Qian XU
Blockchain Researcher
Allen Song
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          FARGOCASH is a unique, decentralized crypto currency, which was created to work all over the world without a central authority and banks. FARGOCASH works on an independent, decentralized blockchain system. On the basis of the FARGOCASH crypto currency, the FARGOCASHPAY multi-crypto currency platform which will be implemented, is intended for online payments and crypto currency exchange around the world. The main advantage of the FARGOCASHPAY platform is support of a huge number of crypto-currencies with the possibility of paying for services and products through a simple, yet secure API connection to popular online stores, CMS systems, start-ups and ICO projects. The investor will be able to store all of his assets on the personal account of the FARGOCASHPAY platform without having to download individual wallets for each coin, with the possibility of exchanging among themselves inside the wallet. For the input of funds, as well as currency conversion, the service will charge a fixed commission; if you keep FARGOCASH on the balance sheet – you get an automatic discount for trade and transfers. Two projects will be launched on the FARGOCASHPAY platform, the decentralized FARGOPAY exchange and a bulletin board with an integrated online store based on blockchain. The investor will not only be able to earn at crypto-currency auctions, but also, having FARGOCASH on his account, he will receive the maximum discount when making purchases or sales in the online store.








Yes, we have an affiliate program 18% of the contribution of the person you invited. Every new investor gets 100 FRGS on their account. You can withdraw your referral bonus at any time, the withdrawal request is processed within 24 hours.

FARGOCASH leverages masternode technology, a special layer of server software running on the network, to coordinate blockchain activity and provide extra services like instant and anonymized transfers.

FARGOCASH is a modern tool of the new generation. Due to the high speed and low cost of transactions, obtaining % from working masternodes (for example, a bank deposit), the FARGOCASH crypto currency is the ideal means of transferring value in the crypto community. FARGOCASH provides end users with a decentralized currency for payments and entrepreneurs with the opportunity to attract new users to their processes and loyalty programs through ease of use, security and transparency. The use of distributed registry technology, in which data is synchronized with the whole network, eliminates the possibility of fraud, double costs and unauthorized transfers almost entirely. FARGOCASH was created to implement the unique FARGOCASHPAY platform and solve problems of the crypto-currencies existing in the market.

A ​cryptocurrency ​is ​a ​digital ​or ​virtual ​currency ​that ​uses ​cryptography ​for ​security. ​A cryptocurrency ​is ​difficult ​to ​counterfeit ​because ​of ​this ​security ​feature. ​A ​defining ​feature ​of ​a cryptocurrency, ​and ​arguably ​its ​most ​endearing ​allure, ​is ​its ​organic ​nature; ​it ​is ​not ​issued ​by any ​central ​authority, ​rendering ​it ​theoretically ​immune ​to ​government ​interference ​or manipulation.

Blockchain is a chained data structure in which data blocks are connected in a sequential manner in chronological order, and cryptographically guaranteed undistorted and unforgeable distributed database books. Its data structure is composed of data blocks arranged in chronological order. Each data block contains transaction information over a period of time, and is time stamped with a pointer to the previous block.

ICO is a method of raising fund by issuing cryptocurrency tokens. During an ICO, a company typically sells part of its cryptocurrency tokens in exchange for money. The funding is used as a medium to distribute tokens to the market and funds expenses by the founding team.

FRGS Maintains A Growing Community On The Discord and Telegram Chat Platform. You Can Join For Free To Participate In Discussions, Hear The Latest News, And Get Answers Directly From FRGS Staff Members.

After the end of stage 3 of the coin sale, you can apply for withdrawal of FRGS through your personal account. To withdraw Fargocash coins, you must specify your unique wallet number.

You can download a free copy of our latest wallet software from the FARGOCASH Github repository. We currently support wallets for Microsoft Windows (32-bit and 64 bit), MacOS, and Ubuntu Linux.

Keep wallet wallet.dat and conf files, delete other data files, resynchronize. You can completely turn off and try to restart your wallet.

After you put the coin FRGS in your wallet, you can wait for rewards. If you do not receive a reward, wait a few more hours.

If you want to receive staking rewards, then your wallet should be open, unlocked and available to the network. To protect your coins, the unlock screen has an option to unlock your wallet for staking only. Your wallet can then earn staking rewards, but will still require your password again before you can spend anything. If you are not interested in staking, the your wallet can be safely closed. The next time you launch your wallet, it automatically synchronize with the network.

Once you launch your wallet and synchronize with the network, we strongly recommend you encrypt your wallet (see settings menu) with a strong password. Once your wallet is locked in this way, you will need to enter your password anytime you want to spend your coins.

Masternodes are simply wallets that have locked 10,000 FRGS as collateral to participate in governing the FARGOCASH network. These wallets are generally running on cloud-based computers that are available 24 hours a day, and they receive FRGS rewards for the valuable services they provide.

The first time you run masternode, it may take 1-3 days to get a profit.

The main difference is that the PoS is an equity benefit, and the return depends on how much money is held in the wallet; the master node requires a fixed number of currency in the lock.

Since many masternodes pay for computing resources and IP resources and provide services, making the entire FARGOCASH network more healthy and stable, it is also appropriate to provide stable returns for the main node.

No. You must have 10,000 FRGS in your wallet!

When new blocks are created to record transactions, 50 new FARGOCASH coins are created to increase the overall money supply, and are paid to users in the form of network rewards. 70% of these new coins are paid to the masternode network as a reward for the services they provide. One masternode is paid per block, but the network is designed to ensure that all masternodes receive equal rewards over time.

You start by acquiring 10,000 FRGS, either by purchasing them from an exchange, or by staking coins over time. Once you have enough FARGOCASH as collateral for a masternode, you can follow one of our helpful guides on how to create and configure a masternode server.

No, the purpose of masternode is to strengthen the network hence a single dedicated (or separate) machine is required to host a Magnet masternode.